A place where time stands still;

where tradition and innovation coexist in harmony

NOTA Blu New Brasserie isn’t just a restaurant or a location – it’s an iconic place in Marbella: La Meridiana.

Everything here is in pure harmony, inspired by the mythical blue note, the musical note where blues and jazz musicians find perfection. A source of inspiration that Zazou, the owner and CEO, has used to name Nota Blu New Brasserie

You will feel this harmony in every detail.

At Nota Blu New Brasserie, we seek harmony between tradition and vanguardism. A place where simplicity meets sophistication, coexisting together in every corner. In the menus and in the kitchen, but also in the architecture, the décor, the art, the music, the ambience and the friendliness of our staff.

Nota Blu New Brasserie follows a concept inspired by the traditional French brasserie with a modern Mediterranean twist to both the menu and the service. In our restaurant in Marbella we offer tradition with flavor and a modern touch. Close service and top quality products.

We aren’t just a restaurant, but a place where time stands still, where the tradition of French brasseries meets modern expressiveness in every sense.