Casanis Group has opened a new brasserie, Nota Blu, in October 2022. This is the fourth restaurant that the group has brought to Marbella with a new concept of French gastronomy. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the mythical blue note of jazz and the concept is taken from this musical genre. Zazou Belounis, owner and CEO of the restaurant, used this inspiration for the name of the restaurant.

Nota Blu New Brasserie is not just a restaurant or a venue, but an emblematic place with a long history in Marbella, La Meridiana. At Nota Blu New Brasserie, they seek harmony between tradition and avant-garde. It is a place where simplicity and sophistication coexist in every corner of the restaurant, from the menus, cuisine, architecture, decoration, art, music, atmosphere and the friendliness of their staff.



As you enter through the impressive doors, you pass through an exterior entrance with two lakes on either side, where you can see the olive trees, the symbol of Nota Blu New Brasserie, leading to the lobby and main dining room. With a seating capacity of 400, the possibilities are endless in a variety of settings, including the main dining room, private wine cellar, terrace, lounge, Blu Bar, or piano bar.

One of the experiences that can be enjoyed at Nota Blu New Brasserie is their “Private Dining” in the private wine cellar. A place where more than 3000 bottles of wine surround the exclusive table of 10 guests while they enjoy dinner with the best wine pairing.

As for the architecture, it features marble, wood, straight and avant-garde lines, and an impressive kitchen of more than 350 square meters where you can watch the masters at work to bring out each dish with the best presentation.


Traditional French cuisine is their greatest heritage. Their chef, Fabián Cangas, creates lifelong dishes with a fresh perspective. His travels around the world and experience allow him to bring expression and freshness to the classics of traditional French cuisine. The Mediterranean influence brings diversity to a variety of dishes. As with all his menus, Fabián Cangas focuses on the quality of the products, simplicity, and flavour, which is the hallmark of pure cuisine. Dining at Nota Blu New Brasserie means traditional cuisine with a modern twist.

Their daily specials, the presentation of fresh fish and seafood in the open kitchen, and the rotating wood oven are just some of the details that make up the variety and flavour of their traditional French cuisine.





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19:30H TO 1:00H


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