nota blu the venue front



From the entrance, Nota Blu New Brasserie offers a unique visual and sensory experience.

Stone floors, cream tones, and woods create a warm
atmosphere, while blue is present in the decor and on the menu, recalling the connection to the Mediterranean.

The organic and geometric space at the entrance
with wooden arches transitions to an elevated culinary experience.

The height of the lobby stands out with leaf-covered arches, creating a sense of natural space.

nota blu the venue entrance front scaled


In terms of architecture, it features marble, wood, modern straight lines, and an impressive kitchen of over 350 square meters where, from the lounge, you can witness the masters at work before presenting each dish with the best presentation.

nota blu the venue salon front



The wine cellar houses over 3000 bottles of the finest
champagnes and international wines.

With a capacity for 10 people, this exclusive space is reserved for wine tastings and private dinners.

nota blu the venue wine cellar front



An outdoor oasis of elegance that transforms, almost magically, into the perfect setting to delight diners with an unforgettable gastronomic experience under the starry sky of Marbella.

nota blu the venue terrace front